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Honeysuckle Breast milk Storage Bags 180ml (50pcs)

Honeysuckle Breast milk Storage Bags 180ml (50pcs)


Item ID: HSbms

Our bags come pre-sterilized and meet the highest standards in breastmilk storage.

They are virtually leak proof, recyclable, oxo biodegradable, BPA-free and tamper evident.

A handy zip pouch allows one at a time dispensing.

While no storage bag is 100% leak proof, Honeysuckle’s industry leading design and strict quality control ensures you of a virtually leak proof experience, bag after bag after bag.

- Strongest available, with reinforced sides and bottom
- Gusseted, self-standing bottom spreads when filled
- The earth friendly bag oxo biodegradable, recyclable and BPA-free
- Double zipper seal for virtually leak-proof storage
- Features a handy write on tab
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